Meeting Moses Picture Book Preview

Meeting Moses is a newly inspired faith based story from the Book of Exodus. This children’s Bible story is designed to entertain with time traveling (what child doesn’t like that?), while providing positive role models, and life lessons. Meeting Moses and upcoming stories from the Old Testament, by author Robert Chasin and illustrator Matt Roussel, will have children wanting to know more about the Bible and God.

"Telling our kids stories is the way they learn. In the book, Meeting Moses by Robert Chasin and Matt Roussel, our kids will get to hear the story of Moses in a really unique way that will have them asking it to be read over and over."
Pamela Maynard

“With the events of the Old Testament occurring thousands of years ago, kids can have a hard time with them. Some might not even realize that the people in in the Bible really existed. Meeting Moses presents a Bible hero in a new format, one that will appeal to children.”
Phillip Cole
This Here Blog

"I see the storybook as a great launching point for further discussion. Additionally, you can grab a Bible and read the full account with your child."
Laura O’Neil

“Meeting Moses was written and illustrated in such a way that my daughter fell in love with this book. After we read the book together, she asked me 'when is the best time of day to talk to God?' Now that is inspiring!”
Birdie B.

“The Exodus story meets H.G. Wells in this tale of Max and his professor dad, who has invented a time-traveling machine. The standout 3-D illustrations will highly engage children."
Lisa Silverman
The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

"Lou Lou went gaga over the images. She browsed each image to see all the details. The story and characters are also wonderfully written."
Becka Mellon

“My son is 6 years old... The content was exciting and engaging. It was as if we were watching a movie while I was reading to him. He was hooked, and he didn't want any interruptions until we finished.”

“We homeschool our children and Meeting Moses was an instant hit with our boys. It had their attention from the beginning to the end of the book… Each page was a delight!”
Zac M.

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