Fundraising and Sponsorship Program

Fundraising Program

The Meeting Moses picture book serves as excellent reading gift for children ages 5-8, and ideal as a fundraiser for faith based schools, after school programs, Churches, Temples and non-profit organizations. This picture book can also be used to initiate further discussion on the story of Moses from the Book of Exodus.

As a fundraiser, you can expect: 

School Sponsorship Program

If your school would like to receive FREE Meeting Moses picture books for your classrooms, please let us know how many children in each classroom (ages 5-8 only), would be interested. We will reach out to local, regional and/or national sponsors that are appropriate (subject to mutual approval). All books will have a small label inside the picture book that states that this book was donated by… Company name and/or Logo. 

Corporate Sponsors

If your company would like to target children ages 5-8 in religious schools, Churches, Temples (or after school programs), and reach their parents and/or grandparents, we can arrange an affordable sponsorship program according to your specifications and budget. 

Contact Us

Please provide your contact information, your interest (Fundraising Program, Sponsorship Program, or becoming a Sponsor), with any additional information to We will get back to you shortly.   


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